Geothermal Resource Planning, Evaluation, and Development Services

Blackrock Geoscience provides comprehensive geothermal resource planning, evaluation, and development services. Whether your organization needs help obtaining funding to get started or if you are ready to start planning, evaluating, and developing, our consultants have the expertise to help you accomplish your goals effectively and efficiently. It is our goal to help our clients minimize costs while maximizing results by offering advice on which evaluation methods are most suitable and economically beneficial for your project.  

Geothermal Resource Evaluation

  • Fault Analysis
  • Geologic Characterization
  • Two-Meter Soil Temperature Probe Surveys
  • Carbon Dioxide Surveys
  • Geochemical Sampling and Analysis
  • Geophysics
  • Exploratory Drilling, Testing, and Logging
  • Conceptual Models


  • Geothermal Resource Feasibility Studies
  • Development Costs and Revenues Estimates
  • Resource Productivity and Sustainability Estimates
  • Power Cycle Analysis
  • Transmission Needs

Environmental Compliance and Permitting

  • Environmental Assessment
  • Permitting
  • Coordination with Government Regulators


  • Evaluation and Decision Making
  • Well Field Planning
  • Contract Development and Negotiations
  • Project Financing and Partnerships
  • PPA Development

Other Services

  • Direct Use Applications Planning
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Plant Surveys
  • Ecological Assessment
  • Mitigation Plans

Contact Info

  • Blackrock Geoscience
  • 9515 Katie Mountain
    Pocatello, ID 83204 USA
  • Office: 406-585-5831
  • Mobile: 208-251-2134
  • Country code: 011

About Blackrock Geoscience

  • Blackrock Geoscience is a Pocatello, Idaho based firm that specializes in geothermal project development and implementation.

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