Location: Schurz, Nevada

Blackrock Geoscience has helped the Walker River Paiute Tribe secure project funding and subsequently conducted three phases of exploration over three years on the Walker River Indian Reservation (WRIR). The WRIR is located at the intersection of major fault zones which makes it a favorable target for geothermal development. Technical and feasibility reports are provided after each phase of work.

The tribal government is very proactive in pursuing geothermal exploration and tribal staff respond rapidly in addressing project needs, particularly during field exploration activities. Community members hired by Blackrock Geoscience to assist with exploration are extremely hard-working, dedicated and interested in continued participation with the project. Tribal government, staff, and community members are a pleasure to work with.

Key Subcontractors: Quantec Geoscience, Welsco Drilling Corporation, Mink GeoHydro