Blackrock Geoscience Consultants

Lisa Safford, P.G.

Lisa Safford

Lisa Safford, President of Blackrock Geoscience, is a Registered Professional Geologist with 19 years experience. Ms. Safford’s background includes state, federal, and tribal government experience and contractual work. Her areas of interest and expertise are hydrogeology, geothermal resource assessment and development, environmental and regulatory policy, project development and management, sustainability planning, geothermal economic development projects, grant writing and funding acquisition.

Roy Mink, Ph.D.

Roy Mink

Dr. Mink is a Registered Geologist with more than 35 years experience in geothermal energy development and hydrogeology on projects both domestically and internationally. He has served as the U.S. Department of Energy Geothermal Program Project Manager and has held faculty positions with Southern Methodist University, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Idaho, and Boise State University. Dr. Mink focuses on scoping geothermal investigations, resource assessment, exploratory drilling, and subsequent development of the resource for power and direct use applications as an independent consultant.

Eric Smith, GISP

Eric Smith

Mr. Smith is a certified Geographical Information Systems Professional and will soon complete his Master’s degree in Geotechnology. His background includes private consulting, local government projects, and State GIS working group development committees. His areas of expertise include database management, model building, raster and vector operations, geoprocessing functions, and cartography. Mr. Smith has worked with geothermal data sets to create analytical and informational maps used in technical reports.

Ismail Kuscu, Ph.D.

Ismail Kuscu

Dr. Ismail Kuscu is a Structural Geologist with 34 years of experience conducting research and exploration on active faults. His current focus is on identifying and analyzing fault zones as they relate to geothermal systems. Dr. Kuscu has performed geologic investigations in the Western U.S., throughout Turkey, as well as in Japan, Greece, Bulgaria and Egypt. He is a former Research Geologist with the Turkish Geological Survey (MTA) where he collaborated on projects with the National Science Foundation of Turkey, Japanese Geological Survey and U.S. Geological Survey. Dr. Kuscu has published many papers related to active tectonics, Quaternary geology, seismicity and active faults and is co-author of the Active Fault Map of Turkey. For eight years, Dr. Kuscu was Principal Investigator of a 35-member scientific team aboard the research vessel “MTA Sismik 1” conducting paleoseismic mapping of the Sea of Marmara. He received his B.Sc. from Middle East Technical University (Turkey) and Ph.D. from Hiroshima University. In his spare time, Dr. Kuscu enjoys playing his guitar, reading about history, and woodworking.

Daniel Hand, P.E.

Daniel Hand

Daniel Hand is a licensed Professional Engineer with 29 years of experience. Mr. Hand’s background includes many years in the private sector developing and designing alternative energy projects including geothermal, biomass, solar, hydropower, and wind resources as well as a faculty position at West Point (United States Military Academy) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Hand is experienced in the areas of project development, resource development, project funding mechanisms, power cycle analyses, economic analyses, and modeling. As an independent consultant, he is dedicated to helping clients develop indigenous resources in an environmentally sound, economically feasible and beneficial manner.

James Witcher, P.G.

Lisa Safford

James Witcher has over 35 years experience in low-to-moderate temperature geothermal exploration and development. From 1984 to 2006, Mr. Witcher was on research staff at a renewable energy institute in the Engineering College at New Mexico State University and is currently an independent consultant. Mr. Witcher’s interests and expertise are in the areas of geothermal exploration and drilling, geologic mapping and regional tectonics, hydrogeology, aqueous and isotope geochemistry, thermal geophysics, and geothermal direct-use applications.

Contact Info

  • Blackrock Geoscience
  • 9515 Katie Mountain
    Pocatello, ID 83204 USA
  • Office: 406-585-5831
  • Mobile: 208-251-2134
  • Country code: 011

About Blackrock Geoscience

  • Blackrock Geoscience is a Pocatello, Idaho based firm that specializes in geothermal project development and implementation.

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